Donna Marks is exceptional. I have loved having her support my clients with Mailchimp, administration functions and event coordination. She is a true asset to any business. 


Anne H Clark

Envision Empower Succeed

Hi Donna! I’ve been watching your posts for a while now (and honestly they are 

fantastic! Your graphics and content are perfect!) 
I was wondering if I could chat to you....


Ashley Vaughan

Betty Rage Beauty

Donna is an absolute delight and is a very talented professional woman. I can’t wait to be able to explore her services further and strengthen my business


Hayley Taylor

Driftwood Connections

Donna helped me to get my Health Coaching business up on socials in a way that was smooth and streamline. Having no prior experience in business on social platforms, Donna taught me the tips and tricks when it came to maximising my business exposure. All I had to do was send her the content and she took care of the rest, saving more time for me to concentrate on my clients.

Donna is down to earth, passionate business owner who loves what she does and shows so much enthusiasm. Donna played a huge part in bringing my Health Coaching vision to life! Thanks Donna 💕

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Kylie Smith


Donna is truly amazing, she helped me so much with my advertising social media flyers and guided me on how to create more of a social foot print and impact with my business.


Belinda Hadley

Jim's Dog Wash Franchisor

Donna is so knowledgeable about MailChimp. She answered my questions quickly and made me feel at ease about my email sequences. I'm grateful for her kindness and expertise!


Lindsay Muller

Linsay Muller Music

I 𝐇𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐋𝐘 recommend Donna 🤩
Her professional manner, Willingness to explain things thoroughly & absolute caring nature are a breath of fresh air 🌸 She is a god sent when it comes to executing those pesky things which I was putting off in my business because I’m not tech savvy, I’m time poor & would rather be doing what I’m great at 💫🌿  Thank you


Sonja Ljavroska

Balanced Health & Wellness

Some may think I’m just a stay at home mummy! Yes I am, some know me on a deeper level & understand exactly what I do with my “time”....

Donna Marks pulled me out of my rut, she pulled me out of my self doubt, negative talk, giving two hoots about being everyones flavour.

Looking at my business in a complete new and different manner.

She is phenomenal, listens to me carry on about who knows what.

I am really grateful for you! You have helped unearth me and my vision.

Thank you!



Bree Stonebridge

Next Level Skin Care & Beauty

Donna provides an outstanding and professional service. Her determination and enthusiasm is motivating and I would highly recommend Donna for your business!


Jess Byrnes


100% Recommend Donna. She took my vision, and passion and helped me get my social media content in order. Is always more than happy to answer my question no matter how ridiculous they seem and loves seeing her client blossom and succeed. Thank you so much Donna


Ashleigh Liardet

The Dot Sorority

Donna is a life saver! She has a real passion for what she does and it shows and her work is top notch standard! Whether it be helping me with creating content for my clients, courses or programs through to managing my online communities with me this has given me so much extra time to build my business to new levels. Highly recommend to any business owner or entrepreneur who needs help with digital marketing or assets. 🤩🤩🤩


Stacey Cranitch

Social Media Hub - 101