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WHAT? You Aren't Using Social Media?

5 Reasons You Need a Social Media Strategy for your Small Business

You got a small business? You NEED to be posting your social media on a regular basis and you might not think you need a strategy… But positing for the sake of it with no real direction or clear objective isn’t going to help your business a great deal and all that time and effort you’re putting into it could well and truly be WASTED!

So, here are 5 important reasons why a social media strategy is essential, no matter how small your business and how it can really benefit you.

1. It WILL save you time

Your time is precious. As a busy small business owner, one this is for sure, we need all the time we can get. How many times have you sat there staring at your phone or laptop trying to think of what to post on your social media accounts that day? Well by putting a plan in place, you will have a clear direction of your posts and a whole bank of content ready to post.

2. It WILL help you post consistently

Posting consistently to your social media is KEY! It is the key to growing and engaging in the community of followers. By having a strategy in place, it allows you to plan ahead and schedule content to post regularly.

3. It WILL improve the quality of the social media posts

A social media strategy will give you the opportunity to investigate exactly what has been resonating with your audience and what type of posts actually work for you business. So, going forward you can do more of what works and stop wasting time.

4. It WILL help you really understand your audience

Having a deep understanding of your target audience is essential if you want to get to know their pain points and how you as a business can work more effectively.

5. It WILL allow you to meet your business goals for 2019

We all have goals for 2019, like attracting more clients – like who doesn’t? Right! By aligning your social media goals and your business goals are going to get you to reach who you need to reach your goals so much quicker then, putting all your time and effort into social media and it being wasted.

If you would like to put a social media strategy together for your business, or just get some social media up and running but not sure where to start… Contact The Virtual Assistant today – send me a message on Don’t delay, the sooner you start the sooner you will see SUCCESS!

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