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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

My Virtual Assistant Mentorship Program - Designed For YOU!

For those of you that follow me on social media, you know that I am the founder of The Virtual Assistant Donna Marks. For those of you who don’t know of me I am not only a Social Media and Email Marketing VA but also a business mentor working with women entrepreneurs, who want to ditch their 9-5 and become a virtual assistant, currently a virtual assistant and want to scale or train other entrepreneurs virtual assistants and to help you create a successful online business fast.

I figured that with all my years in human resources and training people I would open up a new avenue of my business and offer a Rockstar Mentoring Program. Now, before you go, oh another course or program... My program has that many options and added bonuses because I know that two people are not the same. My course is a self-paced course with weekly Q&A sessions and have me at your fingertips to ask questions and ask in our community in our popup specific group. Also you will have access to join The Virtual Assistant Donna Marks group which has loads of information, tips and tricks on what you need to be a successful VA and business owner.

Ok, so let me start, with my VA mentorship program. This course is intense and really makes you not only dive into your business, but also dive into the WHY. Why you are doing it, why you are offering it, and how to earn money. To be honest, when I started, I thought, “This will be easy!”. But it has been anything but easy! I had nearly 20 years in corporate, so typing documents for people was going to be simple – right? Um, no not exactly. It has made me do some internal soul searching and finding what I love to do.

One of the things I love most is teaching, strategising and mentoring so when I was in corporate, well that is what I did, I loved training and teaching new employees. I loved showing them the ropes and sharing my secrets of the trade and tips. One of my greatest joys in life is to help others. I always felt I could do more out there to truly help others. So, this has led me to start up this new path of my business as I really enjoy helping people learn new things and learn from them myself. Plus I want more women to have the flexibility around their life and career that doesn't involve working the drill of 9-5.

So, Virtual Assistant Mentoring!

I am so excited to announce I will now be offering virtual assistant mentorships! I get emailed multiple times a month from people looking for guidance, and I knew that I could help more women and in particular mums by giving my general advice on what I would do. So, after doing lots of thinking and soul searching, I have decided to offer this service in addition to my business.

Over the last nearly 20 years, I have not only worked in law, global international companies and good little local ones too, gave me, my own virtual assisting company focussed on working with entrepreneurs and small business. It has been a whirlwind for sure with all the learning! But within 3 months of starting, I was booked with clients for well into 2020. In fact, I booked my first client before I even had a website.

After finally falling on my feet with a career that I love (and my family), and clients that come back month after month for my services, this has put my skills in good stead for other women wanting to become a VA or start up a business that they love whilst having the flexibility around family life and being a mum.

When I started, I had no help, no guidance? To be honest, I didn’t even know what a virtual assistant was! But I took the time to do the research, the learning and courses, join groups, and quickly learnt how to build The Virtual Assistant Donna Marks. Now, I want to teach all of the things I have learned over the years in corporate and more recently as a VA. There is no question is too big or too small! I have pretty much done it ALL.

My Virtual Assistant Mentorship ISN’T for you if …

You are not willing to make the changes to help your business grow. This is going to be hard work and you will need to implement these strategies to succeed.

You don’t want to talk about the nut and the bolts. It is my job to push you out of your comfort zone and I will help you work towards your goals. I'll ask you the tough questions and will answer the tough questions you have for me. I love this quote “being in your comfort zone is a beautiful thing, but nothing ever grows there”…

You are not a hard worker, sorry I can’t work with people that don’t want to change their lives and work damn hard to do it. Being your own boss is hard work, there is no one there to ask you if you have done a task……

My Virtual Assistant Mentorship IS for you if …

You are ready to take to the next level, work your own hours. You want a job that allows you to have free time, flexibility, open weekends and meet really great people who never make you feel undervalued or unappreciated.

You want a job that you can do from home, or on the go. You want to be a real person doing a real job. No gimmicks, just a good honest living.

If virtual assistance is something you have thought about doing, or even just want to know if it is the right step for you, reach out. I offer multiple types of mentorships from my Mentor Program which is a no muck around Intensive Course, that you will keep coming back to, as and when, you reach different levels in your business. I also have one on one mentoring calls, if and when you please. If you really want this, then what are you waiting for?

Contact me and we can have a chat about where you want to go and how I can help you get there! Click on the Image Below:

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