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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...

Mindset is a word that is used a lot these days especially in business coaching and strategy sessions. A person’s mindset and how they process and react to different situations can help to decide how an event or issue will unfold - quiet literally.

Having a positive mindset will not only help you to create the goals and achievements that you strive for, but when it comes to running a business your mindset is a very important skill to master. You need to focus on your mindset, get it right and known what it is that you are aiming for. You have to work on it constantly and get it right!

What is mindset?

Your mindset is the set of attitudes that you create for yourself for different situations.... I told you the good, the bad and the ugly!

Your mindset can be seen in either positive or negative ways, however it is important to try and take on the world with a positive mindset. If you are practicing a positive mindset you are able to create enormous situations for yourself, set goals and push yourself to achieve them.

How does mindset work?

Mindset works by looking at the basic abilities of oneself and then looking at what can be achieved from that. If you are not promoting a positive mindset than there is the risk of your abilities not increasing or growing with you as a person. In other words, just staying the same. If you are promoting a positive growth mindset than you are able to look at these abilities and use them to excel and achievements your life and business goals

Is mindset important in business?

Mindset is everything in business, it is a very important part of running business. Your mindset can determine the way that you interact with customers, the jobs that you take on and the position of your business within the industry. Promoting a positive mindset will help to not only grow you but to grow your business as well.

Who does it affect?

Your mindset in business affects more than just you. The effects of your mindset can be seen by those around you. Your staff members, your customers and your family will all be impacted by your mindset. If you are promoting a positive mindset and this is being received by those around you the impacts will be the same or similar for others.

They will pick up on the positive energy and return it with positive energy as well. The positive mindset can result in your staff members feeling appreciated and working harder. Your customers being able with the treatment they have received and return as a customer. It can also help to grow the business and help you reach those business goals that you have created.

If you are not focusing on promoting a positive mindset and you slip into a negative mindset, this will also be seen by those around you. It can then result in poor work performance, negative relationships with clients and a downturn in the business itself. Who wants to be around a sad sack!

What is a mindset funk?

Promoting a positive growth mindset is not always easy. There are times when our lives become very busy and it's stressful - I get that! We don't have the time or energy to be working on our mindset. When this happens it can mean that your business and relationships around the business start to be impacted. It can cause a downturn in customer relationships, and therefore sales, staff not going the extra mile for you and your customers not being excited to use your business - I seen that happen before....

During this time your mindset can be either in a negative state or simply just in a neutral zone. Neither positive or negative and just sitting in a limbo like state.

If you do not recognise this state and begin to work on it, it can turn into a negative state rather quickly.

This is what we call a mindset funk.

How do you get out of a funk?

We all go through them and as unpleasant as they may be – they can also be very helpful.

Use the time to sit down and look at the goals that you have for your business. How are you tracking on those goals? What can you do to make them more achievable.

Once you have answered those questions, look at ways you can once again excite yourself in the business and make these things happen.

Create a time and space for yourself where you can go to relax and debrief from the day. Meditate and vision your goals.

Bring yourself back into a healthy growth mindset and get ready to take on the world.

We all have it, we just need to find it again. And remember if you feel like you are in a funk, make sure you are talking to people as though it is the happiest day in your life, but not in a fake way. If I feel like that, the person on the other end of the phone or email, or the meeting I have to attend would never ever know.

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