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Taking the Wheel by Outsourcing!

Ok so I am going to take you on a little journey with me, so bare with me OK?

Entrepreneurs (you know us) are somewhat risk takers by nature – Wouldn’t you say? They want to be the only one behind the wheel, have full access of the road that lies ahead and be fully accountable for the outcome of the journey – sound familiar?

But what happens when the journey starts to get problems, like the engines stops, or the tyre gets a puncture or the driver gets lost? Who will the entrepreneur call for help?

The winding road to business success is not a straight path. It has potholes, bumps, gravel, and intrepid conditions.

So, even if your entrepreneurial tool box houses the skill sets and competencies to navigate through these road blocks, now you have to deal with an insurmountable force that you can never hope to overcome….. which is TIME!

One of the most important skills you need to become a successful entrepreneur is the ability to effectively manage your TIME!

I told you to bare with me – LOL! It is worth the wait!

So lets break this down really easily, if you are a mumpreneur you have 24 hours in the day, lets take say 6-7 hours for sleep, you only have 17-18 hours to manage everything that you need to do in a day. Ok so let’s whack in there, meals, personal matters, picking up and school drop off’s, oh and I forgot the washing and a kitchen clean, then you reasonably only have about 5 hours, if your lucky to work on your business.

To grow your business, you must be able to manage your time, and if you are an entrepreneur then you need to learn to delegate (I know it’s not easy), but entrepreneurs with tight budgets, need to invest in a reliable Virtual Assistant.

I told you we would get there!

The above is actually what lead me to have the career that I have now, I knew there was loads of entrepreneurs and small business that were screaming out for help and that is where my friends The Virtual Assistant was born.

Ok, so what is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a skilled individual who works online from a remote location and is contracted to manage a specified set of tasks or responsibilities. Unlike regular office employees, virtual assistants are only paid for the hours they work and at a rate of third of the cost of full-time employees (without leave loading etc). Hiring a Virtual Assistant guarantees you lower costs but greater productivity.

Virtual Assistants have come a long way from when they were primarily hired to render secretarial or personal assistant services. Since the growth of technology and social media, the Virtual Assistant has evolved into a profession of various skill sets that are technical and work specific.

For entrepreneurs with limited competencies, assembling a team of virtual assistants would be a great step forward in developing their business.

So for me, The Virtual Assistant is a “tech VA” which involves technical strategies for socials, copy writing and marketing. There are VA’s out there that can do your accounting/bookkeeping, they can be your graphic designer, photographer etc.

Social Media Marketing

Participating in social media does not make you an expert. To successfully implement social media programs, you need to conceptualise strategies, implement programs and create content that is relevant and engaging. There is so much behind the scenes that need to take place before you can even think about reaching your target audience.

Know that you have someone that is an expert in their field. Like myself I have been in corporate all my working career working alongside with marketing and sales. Ask your potential Virtual Assistant what credentials they have. It is a two-way street, I ask potential clients lots of questions. Not only do I have all my degree, but it is backed with years of corporate business administration management, and I am certified with Hootesuite in social media marketing.

Social media is time consuming and most entrepreneurs would not have the requisite skills and hours to run this effectively.


Even if your business is generating consistent income, it is really important to keep a track of the flow of the money in and out. Now I am hopeless at Cash flow statements, income statements and cash disbursement schedules – you know those things that tell you what suppliers you pay or employees you pay or not…. Preparing all this stuff is tedious and requires constant updating, it is too time consuming, you need to outsource it. I do.


One of the first steps in launching your business online is to build a website. Ok so no surprises there, but to build one yourself – you don’t have the skills. Yes there are downloadable templates but if you want to ensure it runs efficiently and make it look relevant to your target audience – do you have that skill? There is so much that runs behind the scene of websites, that the entrepreneur does not even know or think about for that matter.

Phone Handling

This is one of the biggest distractions to any entrepreneur. The damn telephone. Obviously, when you business starts gaining traction, you will be constantly on the phone. But there is nothing worse then when telemarketers start calling because the person doing your social media will be doing a really good job and getting you out everywhere. Most Virtual Assistants have a wealth of experience in phone handling because this is one of the required skills. Delegate your general phone so that you can have your prospective clients getting access to you and not the telemarketer. No one will even know that you have outsourced it, as they will answer it “Good Morning, The Virtual Assistant, this is Jane speaking. How can I help you today”.

General Admin Work

If you need someone to handle your schedule, filter your emails, confirm appointments, update your CRM and even transcribe your policies, meetings and wish lists. They should all be able to do this. Please do not hire anyone that hasn’t come from some sort of administrative background.

If you find yourself inundated with tasks that are non-essential or functions not covered by your core competencies, yet are necessary to move your business forward, you will have less time to attend to the activities that directly impact on your success of your business.

For all the assets and smarts of an entrepreneur, only the Virtual Assistant can provide the single most important asset to ensure the success of your business: TIME!

There are some really fantastic Virtual Assistants available these days and they are highly talented people that have come from exceptional jobs that have realized that life is precious, and they want a work life balance as well. However, they still want to use their skills.

These Virtual Assistants can bring more than their skill sets, with life and business experiences of their own. I know my clients ask for my opinion all the time and they treat me more like a partner than an admin girl at the front counter.

And by chance, you will have more in common than you actually think. They are more like minded on more accounts and could just be a really good business buddy as well.

For further information on outsourcing or hiring a virtual assistant I am only too happy to help out. Get in touch with me today!

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