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How To Get Virtual Assistant Clients Without A Website

When I first started doing social media and virtual assistant work, I didn’t even have a website. In fact, I booked my first 3 clients before ever making ne and I didn’t even start making a website until I had been reminded by a client that I didn’t have one. So while you might think you need a website before you get started, I am going to tell you by experience, that you most certainly DO NOT!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think that having a website is very important, but I also thinking having a quality website is more important. Throwing together something quickly just to have one isn’t going to always be the best idea. You want to make sure you are creating a website that screams your brand and will attract your ideal clients. So you got to make it a good one. It is your 3 seconds to make a good impression on potential clients. Are you not sure where to start with a website? I have built dozens of websites in Squarespace to Wix (what mine is). You can contact me to learn about my mentorship, where I can help walk you through how to make a website that you will get the best clients or better still hire me.

So here is what do before taking that leap….

This is my 3 favorite ways to get clients, without a website:

Create a Facebook Page

While this might seem bleepingly obvious, having a good Facebook page for your business is often overlooked. First make sure you add images that are on brand with your vision. Then think about what you love doing and offer it as a service. Facebook business pages allow you to add your services to your page and showcase what you can offer. When you set up a Business Page – pleeaseee don’t forget to invite all your friends and everyone you know!

Tip: Please make sure you Post in your Page often and consistently, otherwise don’t do it at all!

Create an Instagram Page

This is the hands down, most important piece of the puzzle to get clients. In fact over 65% of my clients come from Instagram. Again, get a business page. It is important start sharing your services there.

Again you have to make a good Bio, that links to your Facebook Page. Don’t just share a gorgeous photos make sure you are sharing you and your services and what you are passionate about.

Create a LinkedIn Profile

I used to think that LinkedIn was, to be honest a bit wanky, and for CEO’s of Macquarie Bank and AMP, well LinkedIn isn’t just for networking. This is a great way to share your background, get endorsements from people you know and share your services. Start connecting with ideal client in your ideal avatar and share what services you can provide them.

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