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Do Your Captions Suck?

Creating an interesting and exciting Social caption can really increase the engagement on your posts and if it is good enough and seen as engagement is a key area tracked by the almighty Social algorithm, it's definitely an area to look into and spending some time on.

A really catchy caption can:

· Improve your engagement

· Increase your likes

· Encourage more comments

· Increase your reach – How good does that Sound good?

Firstly, let´s outline what makes a eye catching caption.

A good caption is one that…

· Speaks to your target market

· Addresses your target audience

· Entertains, informs or engages

· Gives people clear instruction

So let´s delve into those a bit deeper into this whole caption thing…

Know your Audience - It helps!

To write an effective social caption you have to first and foremost, know who you´re talking to.

By using a tone, style and language that appeals to your target audience they are much more likely to identify with your brand and engage with you.

Consider the length

Bearing in mind that people scroll through socials pretty quickly so the question begs how long should your caption be?

I reckon that it has to be quick, sharp and catchy, but I know that sometimes a longer caption is needed to share a story, offer advice or give your audience a sneak peek into what´s to come.

Posts with longer captions, can actually increase the engagement on your post. Just be sure to include the most important and compelling words at the start of the caption, as this is what will be displayed under your post preview.

We´ve included some examples of the preview captions here, so you can see exactly what we mean.

Give yourself some time to Post

Obviously, there are occasions when you want to just get something out and but try and plan a schedule in advance and allow yourself time to cast a critical eye over your captions before making them live. If you are anything like me I post something thinking it's my best work yet and then the next week I am thinking "what was I thinking" - LOL!

Here are areas to consider:

· Cut out unnecessary words

· Try to be as concise as possible but not boring

· Ensure the tone you´ve used will resonate with your target audience

Use Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags are a great way to get your content seen by new audiences, but don´t let them distract from your caption. If you aren't familiar with using them then go and check out my #hashtag Guide.

Occasional Emojis

Now I love emojis. In most cases, even in business, using an occasional emoji on socials is acceptable. We´re not suggesting you go overboard with 10 on every post, but a wisely chosen emoji can add personality and fun to your content.

Ask a Question

One of the most simple and effective ways to increase engagement on your posts, is to pose a question to your followers. Simply ask them to respond in the comments. Questions can be open-ended or multiple choice, but the aim is always the same - to encourage your audience to engage.

Include a Call to Action

Our last, but by no means least, drive people to other socials, website, landing pages etc make sure to include a “call to action” within your captions. This can range from asking your audience to complete an action, such as visit your website or read your blog, or simply leave their reaction such as a comment or opinion. By providing your audience with clear and simple instructions you are more likely to see them respond in the way you´d like them to.

If you aren't getting engagement have a look at your captions, seriously it takes 2 seconds to lose people. You spent so long trying to get the why would you lose them over a Caption that sucks?

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