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Ditch the 9-5 Slay

Well give me a Hell Yes if you have woke up at 4am in the morning thinking about ideas of a business that you can do from home. If you are anything like me, I did this often before I started my online business.

I have been there so many times I wish I actually had a dollar for all the time I have done this.

Starting a business from home does not have to be overwhelming. Now, more than ever there has never been a better time to do this. There are some amazing opportunities out there for you to use whatever skills you have to work out how you can bring these to a business.

I can tell you I have led numerous clients of mine down the same road I travelled working for myself, and not one of them have been overwhelmed or said they cannot do it – You know why? I’ll get to that in a second….

But first I want to admit that when I was first a VA I honest thought it was something I made up. I mean I do live in central Queensland so the term VA was something I did bring to town, however I quickly realised that it wasn’t so much a secret in major towns around Australia.

So what I believed a VA was, is something that did administration or at stretch was an online secretary, which I agree is a very loose term. I know believe that the term VA is an industry and not just a job title.

A VA is an independent contractor that means you can set your own set of rules. Your business, on your terms, to create what you like, when you like and set your own hours.

There are a gazillion services that you can offer as a virtual assistant. You can provide anything from general administration work to being a specialist like I am in social media strategy and content marketing.

If you have any skills at all, whether it be general admin, or you like doing social media or writing/blogging or travel research or sales etc. your skills are in high demand girlfriend.

The career opportunities here are endless.

For many of us ladies aspiring to be a VA, it is an exceptional way to make good money working from home or whilst you are travelling etc. Most VA’s I know are earning a minimum amount of $2,000 per week working part-time. I also know personally that it is very easy to make a 5 figure month a reality. This is completely up to you and how you grow your business is too.

Now let me tell you I came from a administration, corporate background so it was a little easier for me but I had no idea how do run a business of my own. If you think that you need all these skills before you even have this option, then let me tell you – YOU DON’T!

Why? Because all skills can be taught; If you have a positive attitude, want to serve your clients and can research stuff then you have the skills to start an online business. If you have a computer, an internet connection and a phone, then you can also start your business today and I can teach you the rest.

I can teach you to get over your fear, what you need to price yourself, what offers you can make etc.

Let me tell you a couple of secrets, if you are well versed in general admin, design or marketing you can be earning straight up $40 per hour. However, if that doesn’t feel right for you then I would encourage using packages to offer your clients.

How about if I told you that if you have specialised skills like web design, building landing pages etc. your starting rate would be no lower than $50 per hour. And you grow from there.

Now you probably are thinking that is all very good but how do I get my first client. Well that is the best thing about doing a course like THE VA ROCKSTAR PROGRAM I can teach you exactly what I did you be fully booked out within 3 months of starting my business.

Just imagine, if you land 1 client for $1,000 per month and you get a few of them then you can earn some serious coin.

So how do you get started. I have a free VA Blueprint on my website page at which you are more than welcome to download. And if you are interested in getting someone to teach you what you need and not the rubbish you don’t then head on over to the VA Rockstar Course. I have set up this course so you can get your first client within the first module. I want you to have a couple of clients by the time you finish the course and you will if you do all the steps. It is so worth it.

This course and why I am mentoring is so that women know they have options to create their dream life. I want women to know that they don’t have to be unhappy working in a 9-5 (my hours were always a lot longer in corporate) but you can earn the same money and a lot more working flexible hours from your home, travelling or both!

Head on over to my facebook page at Donna Marks – The Virtual Assistant Mentor where you will find a load of great information and can DM me direct. See you there!

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