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Not Just Another

Facebook Course for Business

So where do we even start?

You're going to learn about the ever-changing Algorithm.  Once you know the do's and don'ts it is going to change your social media game forever.  We will go over peak posting times, how to schedule and how to work your analytics not to mention how to beat the algorithm and play its game plus so much more.

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Content Marketing

Not Just Another

Content Marketing Course

Stop posting for the sake of posting.  Think about your brand personality and identity.  Designing content pillars around all of your strategy is going to improve your copy and ultimately - your audience.  Plus you the importance of core content and how it can work for your business so you can get off that hamster wheel.

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Canva Creation

Not Just Another

Canva Course

This program will make your imagery next level.  Canva is a simplified graphic design tool that helps every entrepreneur get their imagery and branding on point for their business.  You can make logos, ebooks, presentations and so much more all in this one program.

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Not Just Another Branding Course for Business

What if I told you Branding is not just about your logo?  What if we were to talk about the tone of your voice - yep that is branding too. 


So if you don't know what your branding identify is then I suggest that you sign up to this one because I have some great stuff to teach you. 


Also, I will tell you one thing, if you don't get this right you may not be attracting your dream clients!

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Email Marekting


Not Just another Email Marketing Course

Powerful email marketing does not have to cost the earth.  But in order to do that, you have to know how the funnels work and what CRM you are going to use.

This is a heavy one, however, I believe that every business should use email marketing to the best they can.

Automation is a must these days in business.

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Time Management


Not Just Another

Client Avatar


Have your heard people talking about your client avatar?  Or maybe your target audience? Or perhaps niching?   You have to make it micro or macro etc.

I am here to give you an easy back to basics to figure this all out.  If you are finding that not everyone is knocking at your door you may find that you need to do this exercise.

Have you heard the saying "if you talk to everyone, you talk to no-one?"

Why Not Take them all

Take all of them and get your social media and business sorted in one package for a pretty deal!