Outsourcing your Email Marketing and building funnels is the next best thing you can do for your business....

As a tech Virtual Assistant, Email Marketing is my next speciality!

Want to stay in contact with your audience while you sleep?

Email marketing is a no brainer, it is the popular, most cost-effective way for businesses to build and maintain relationships with their clients.

If you don't have a database yet, don't stress, this is the first step in effectively building your business' database.  

Email marketing is suitable for all online businesses and can be designed to suit your style and branding message.  Only limited to your own restrictions, they can be kept short and simple or they can be bold and more elaborate with standout Newsletters, tips and tricks of the trade offers and so much more.  They can be in combination with vouchers and linked back to your social media which is I believe is the best way to use them, not certainly not the only way.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the best way to stay in front of your customers

Putting all your efforts into social media without capturing leads and following up with email marketing is a waste of your valuable resources.  In my opinion, social media and email marketing go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other...

Email marketing helps you to:

  • Have direct contact with your customers as frequently as you like

  • Save money as it’s the most cost-effective marketing tool around

  • Follow up on leads when you’ve gone to the effort of capturing their details

  • Promoting new products or specials for the month

  • Direct customers to your website to make a purchase if done correctly

  • Remind your customers that you’re an expert when you give them tips

Email marketing is one of the best tools for businesses and I highly recommend you’re using it to connect with your customers.


You own your database – it’s your prime real estate. Algorithms change all the time and you have no control over them, but you do have control of your database.

I’ll help you with email marketing by:

  • Setting up and designing your templates

  • Helping you with content ideas about your business content (recycling content, promos etc.)

  • Managing your lists to ensure they’re receiving what they signed up for

Ready to Outsource and grow your Online Business?

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