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The 12 Week Emersion Program for life and business

EMERSION (noun):

the process of emerging from water after being submerged

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Confidence is

“Confidence means feeling sure of yourself and your abilities.”

Here is what you will learn!

This 12-week course totally tailored to your needs in life and business. 

We can focus on your relationships, career, business goals, building your confidence, anxiety, fear and imposter systemdrom.

This course will also provide you with the tools you need to learn how to get to the next level or stage of confidence in a strategic and simple way with simple steps. 

You are here to do big things.

Let's reveal the next layer for you.

                  Are you done with wishing your life away

                 Are you done with worrying and negativity

                 Are you done with wanting what everyone else has

                 Are you so damn ready to create your life

                 Are you ready for growth and be focused

                Are you ready for a New Identity - You will be HER!

Then what are you waiting for?


The Course:

Over 12-weeks we will dive into strategies and core content for life and business.

This is about seeing life for what it can be, rather than what you are settling for.  And then it's about creating that for yourself on your terms with elegance and grace.

It is about saying goodbye to things that don't serve us any longer

It is about modern day women

It is about deliberate desire

It is about YOU - being you, doing you, for you!

About Donna


Hi there, beauty. 


I'm Donna and I am a Confidence and Business Coach. e-Hypnotherapist, Course Creator, Successful Business Owner of 2 businesses. Wife and Mum.

I am so passionate about helping other women go from feeling disempowered, scared and overwhelmed with life and business to living their absolute dream.


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